The Blues Center is a future New Orleans museum and mixed use cultural center for music fans, kids and tourists which will expand New Orleans’ cultural economy. Catering to casual listeners with a well-assembled, visually appealing smorgasbord of music familiar from Jazz Fest’s annual 7-day sprints, BC exhibits will contextualize New Orleans and regional contributions to Blues, Jazz, Rock, Country, R&B all year long.

Interactive components including touch-screens and online/mobile apps, connect a wide community of fans with a vast array of deserving roots artists. In the process, the BC creates jobs for musicians, photographers, writers, video makers, music researchers, graphic designers, painters and other creative professionals while lifting their careers with promotion, performance venues, documentation and scholarship.

By giving locals and tourists an easy way to increase their appreciation of the massive treasure that is music in New Orleans, the BC facilitates cross-cultural understanding including educating students formally and creating archives to preserve the sounds, sights and stories.